Couple therapy

Learning to get curious about each other again


What is it about?

At the beginning the love is great and everything falls into place. But unfortunately it does not remain so. A relationship is a development path with ups and downs. A crisis can put a relationship in danger, but it also lends the opportunity for further development. In any case, crisis is an indication that you have to change something so that something new can emerge.

As couple therapist we accompany you through the crisis and strengthen you on the way to something new. The extensive toolbox of systemic couple therapy supports us on our way.


When is a couple therapy helpful?

  • You are frequently fighting each other.
  • Your different wishes, goals and ideas have become a problem.
  • You experience your cultural differences as separating.
  • You have problems communicating with each other.
  • What fascinated you both at the beginning is now annoying.
  • You don’t feel emotionally invested in the relationship any more.
  • You have lost trust in each other.
  • You are dissatisfied with your relationship.
  • There seems to be no development any more and you feel stuck.
  • The question of separation is in the air.
  • Your sexual life has become colorless and boring.
  • Do you feel familiar with a point? Perhaps even with several points? You may have been trying to change something, but so far it has not worked out. This is a good moment to start a couple therapy.


What does a couple therapy offer?

We offer you a protected space where you can meet again. A space for the exchange of different points of view, experiences, interests and wishes. We support you in listening to each other and in finding solutions with each other. For issues that are easy to get into, we make sure you do not slip into old patterns and continue to spin in a circle. This gives you the opportunity to get to know new sides of each other and to try out new things.

We are not concerned about guilt or the question of “who is right?”. Our goal is that you learn to mutually understand each other. The focus is on your strengths and your beautiful sides,as this view often gets too little attention in crisis.

A topic of advice may also be to find out whether you want to stay together or separate and how you both can deal best with either decision.


What will the therapist do?

In the first meetings we will look at what you both want and on what you need to change most. A big step has been achieved by agreeing on common goals, on which we will be working on in the following weeks. In the process we discuss and agree together about the further procedure, for example the number of meetings, methods and topics.

A single session lasts 50-60 min. Usually a couple process takes 8-15 sessions, with some time in between each of them.


If the other one does not want to join the therapy

Of course it is important for successful couple therapy that both partners participate. But one partner often suffers a lot more than the other one and wishes support from professionals. In this case it is essential to make it clear to the other one that you can not and do not want to continue like this. Perhaps then the other one is willing to come to a session at least once. It can help to point out that our method is not based on blaming either of you for your difficulties but in looking ahead together.

If your partner is not ready for a couple therapy at all, you can start alone. Then we will discuss with you how you can deal with the situation, how the other one may still be invited or what you can do instead.




3+ Family card holders get a 15% discount for each therapy session.