Family therapy

To gather the whole team


What is it about?

When people live together, conflicts cannot be avoided. We consider differences in family life as something normal. However, the handling of conflicts in families can be very diverse and sometimes the family structure can be very burdened. Some families become entangled in conflict patterns, which can become very stressful. Systemic family therapy is a tried and tested method to successfully manage family crises.

Systemic family therapy is suitable

  • when your family atmosphere is determined by strife and escalation.
  • if you come from different traditions or cultures and need to find a common path.
  • if you can not agree among each other and lack commonalities.
  • when there is no more progress in your family.
  • when you have to make an important decision as a family.
  • if your family is threatened to break apart.
  • if you suffer from a stroke of fate.
  • when a family member becomes very difficult, for example due to a major illness or violent behavior.


What does family therapy look like?

We believe that it is important to get together and to talk with each other again. Listening to each other. Try to understand each other. As family therapists, we respect your skills as a family and are also interested in what you can do and what you have already achieved together.

First we listen to what you have us to tell. We give each voice its place. Then we define the topics together with you that we want to work on. We support you in constructively working on the achievement of your goals. We work with techniques and materials which support you to experiment with different ideas and new solutions. Ultimately, we aim to help you to find your own solutions in a difficult situation.


Course of a family therapy session

In the first session we get to know each other and see what are the topics for everyone of you. Based on these, we develop your common family goals. We focus on the abilities of each individual and make a suggestion for further action. This first session takes 50-60 minutes.

Depending on the size of you family, the following sessions take 60-120 minutes, which decide together. Depending on how many topics or goals you bring and how fast you proceed in the process, a family therapy usually takes between 5-15 sessions.