Systemic individual therapy

“There is possibility in every difficulty “- Albert Einstein


From time to time, life provides situations for us where we have to make an important decision, topics in which it seems as if it is no progress or in which we need to exchange our thoughts but have no one to talk to. Systemic therapists are trained to sort out your life together with you and to support you in the first steps to something new.


When is systemic individual advice helpful?

  • You feel stuck and unsuccessful.
  • You fight with solitude and disorientation in a foreign country.
  • You ask about the meaning of your life.
  • You need to sort your thoughts, but you have no one to talk to about it.
  • You want or need to change something.
  • You feel worthless or incapable.
  • You are in a crisis.
  • You suffer from chronic overload.
  • You have to take a difficult decision.
  • You feel uprooted or you can’t feel your inner foundation.
  • You want to increase your ease in dealing with difficulties.  


What can systemic individual therapy give to you?

In the individual consultation, we accompany you through your topics and thoughts. We help you discover new perspectives, set your priorities and track down your skills. We take our time to look back and reconsider. Using different methods, we bring your hidden abilities and strengths to light and look for lost freedoms. It is important for us to work on the implementation of your specific targets. We take care not to lose sight of the present and the question of how you can continue further.


How long does the individual counseling take?

You decide on which topics and how long you want to work with us. Sometimes, a delimited topic can be solved satisfactorily in only few sessions. Difficult life questions and major personal changes require a more sustained consultation process.

A session lasts 50 minutes. At the beginning of a process the sessions typically take place every week with the intervals becoming longer later on.